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5G Testboxar från DVTEST

NEW! Advanced Reconfigurable Modular OTA RF Test Enclosures

The industry’s most compact 5G OTA test enclosures have arrived!
Superior isolation without adding bulk: DVTEST’s advanced double-wall design giving repeatable and better results.

The dbSAFE ARMOR 3232 / 4242 is a compact RF test enclosure and is perfectly suited for all wireless frequencies to 90 GHz.

The dbSAFE ARMOR 2418R is a unique RF test enclosure which houses two internally isolated cavities. The upper section is designed for UE testing, while the lower section is perfect for placement of 19” rack-mount compatible test equipment such as RF switching, signal sources, RF power sensors, spectrum analyzers, and VNAs. By eliminating costly interconnects. Ideal for reducing the overall RF path loss and significantly lowering cost of implementation.

The dbSAFE ARMOR 3270 is the most compact direct field OTA RF test enclosure. The 3270 occupies only 1,280 sq inches of floor space, making it one of the smallest 5G mmWave enclosure footprints. With an internal working distance of up to 70 inches, the 3270 can be used for direct far-field or near-field measurements. I/O panels are conveniently located minimizing cable loss while maximizing signal integrity.

The dbSAFE ARMOR 5242 is a modular 5G RF test enclosure that meets the demands of testing larger UEs or ideal for optimizing antenna arrays. The width accommodates all 5G FR1 & FR2 frequencies and provides space for antenna placement when far-field testing is necessary. The 5242 can also be linked together with other ARMOR Series enclosures creating a building block multi-UE test scenario. This provides a cost effective means of utilizing one set of test equipment for multiple DUTs.

The dbSAFE ARMOR 5GS is a modular OTA test system ideal for the characterization of 5G antennas and DUTs to 90 GHz. The 5GS is available in two footprints, each fully configured to meet the demands that 5G will pose on test engineers. Antenna placement for direct field testing is achieved using DVTEST’s advanced positioner. Full spherical coverage can be performed with rotation speeds of 60 rpm and 0.1 deg accuracy. The 5GS can also be linked together with other ARMOR Series enclosures creating a building block multi-UE test scenario while utilizing one set of test equipment.


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