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Ny EMP-kamera från Pontis

The threat of electromagnetic pulses (EMP) attacks is growing. In order to guarantee safety by surveillance after such an attack, it is necessary to use special EMP shielded cameras. The new Pontis EMC (N)EMP Cam is capable of more than that.

It withstands even nuclear electromagnetic pulses (NEMP) including short time pluses (class E1) and intermediate time pluses (class E2). Its weather proof housing withstands harsh environmental conditions of -20°C to 70°C. The IP interface makes it compatible with many surveillance software applications like ONVIF, which allows an easy integration into existing surveillance systems.

Please have a look at the (N)EMP Cam Datasheet for detailed information.

As an expert in EMC products Pontis also offer a wide range of other video and audio surveillance components including shielded interfaces like Ethernet, CAN and USB LIN.

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